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“Tampa, Florida Artist Gat$ is already legendary – grazing the Rolling Loud stage since it’s very beginning back in the Arts District in Miami known as Wynwood.” - June Morales

As “Nelly” plays, you hear Gat$ slice through the drums with savvy wordplay and a few casual references to Nelly’s catalog. Pimp Juice, Country Grammar, Number One and Air Force Ones are a few you can spot if you listen close enough…Maybe a slight comparison is being made between Gat$ and Nelly being the artist from Tampa FL with a plethora of good material and yet still the slight overlooking by the masses.”

“Gat$ has also progressed through every project he’s made. And within a moment, the quiet confidence behind his humble foundation arrives. He knows. He knows that if he keeps getting better, one day he’ll be great.” - Thompson Brandes

"Gat$’s new album, By Any Dreams, is jazz-riddled, boom-bap-ingrained and emotionally connected to the thug side of life. Tampa-based emcee Robert Ferdinand provides the right balance of endearing highs and wretched lows for hip-hop lovers who miss the conscious congress of their personal and political self." - Casey Jeanite

“In December, Gat$ will be in Los Angeles joining the likes of Post Malone, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert and dozens of hip-hop's other stars for the west coast iteration of the Florida-born Rolling Loud Festival.”

"There's a hot bed of hip hop bubbling in Tampa Bay, and the scene's well of talent has not been resting in the slightest. Tampa emcee Gat$ recently released a new single, "No L's" and announced an expansive multimedia live experience set for October 29 in Ybor City." - Ray Roa

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"Tampa rapper and longtime friend of DC Gat$ returns to our smokey pages with new single titled #DOPE, featuring fellow DC favorites, SKYXXX and Bizzy Crook."